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Vehicle Graphics

Discover the power of our premier Vehicle Graphics services, transforming your vehicles into captivating mobile billboards that effortlessly promote your brand.

In today's competitive business landscape, effective marketing and branding strategies are essential for standing out and reaching your target audience. Vehicle signage, also known as vecle wraps or vehicle graphics, offers a powerful and dynamic solution for businesses to enhance your brand visibility and make a lasting impression. Let's explore the benefits and advantages of vehicle signage for businesses.

What makes our Vehicle Graphics special


  • Free Design Visuals & Creative Advice
    Your design is crucial to an effective finished Vehicle Graphics. Our designers have years of experience transforming commercial vehicles.

  • Quality materials (Tried & Tested!)
    We stock quality materials from Metamark, Hexis & 3M. All our Vinyl Graphics come with a guaranteed lifespan!

  • Approved Installers
    Our in house team are accredited installers of our stocked materials, our suppliers have certified our team using their materials.
  • 5* Rated Service

    Our ethos is based around quality signage and first class customer service.

What to expect

Get in touch with our team and you will be assigned with one of our team who will manage your enquiry through to completion. Discuss your Vehicle Graphics and any ideas you have on layout and style.

We will then draft a concept on the information you have supplied, we will require a copy of your logo and photos of the vehicle(s). Your design will be supplied on a computer designed template showing all sides of the vehicle.

Your concept will be sent along with a quote to complete the project, no hidden costs! 

Once you have looked at the design you are free to request any changes or a completely alternative.


All our Vehicle Graphics Printing is produced in house at our base in Rugeley. We have two print production lines both powered by industry leading Roland Digital Printers.

Our flagship Roland VG3 has transformed our ability to produce Vehicle Graphics.

  • 8 Base Inks Colours including Vivid Orange, Green & Grey
  • Highest quality Vehicle Wrap output quality
  • Greenshield Certified Eco Inks

Our 2nd Print Production Line is powered by a Roland SP540i a longstanding reliable industry leading machine.

  • 4 Base Inks with long life, anti scratch finish
  • Ideal for Vehicle Graphics that are cut to shape 
  • Plots pre coloured & printed Vinyls

Your Installation

Before arriving

It's important to deliver your vehicle to our fitting bay in a clean condition with no Wax or Coatings. These significantly reduce the lifespan of your Vehicle Graphics and will void any guarantee.

On arrival

You booking will have been agreed with you once ordered. This will most likely be a morning or afternoon slot between Monday & Friday. (Off peak or weekedn fittings are available please ask for a quote). You will have also been given an estimated collection time.

On arrival one of our team will discuss the design and walk around the vehicle. Any damage or scratches will be marked on the vehicle arrival document. 

Our team will then move your vehicle into our fitting bays ready for the installation.



Once your Vehicle Graphics have been installed and checked your vehicle will be ready. On arrival for collection your project manager will walk you around the vehicle and ensure its met your expectations. You will be told basic care for the Vehicle Graphics and explained about guarantees.

We advise not to wash your vehicle for two weeks after a new installation. After this time you can wash your vehicle but care must be taken. You will recieve a "How to care for your Vehicle Graphics" Flyer with further information.

More about Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle signage transforms your vehicles into mobile billboards, providing unparalleled brand exposure. As your branded vehicles travel through busy streets and highways, they capture the attention of a wide range of potential customers. Whether your vehicles are on the move or parked, the eye-catching graphics and messages on them generate brand impressions and increase your visibility. This constant exposure helps build brand recognition and recall, making it more likely for potential customers to choose your business when they need products or services you offer.

Unlike traditional static advertising methods, vehicle signage offers the advantage of mobility. Your branded vehicles can reach areas where traditional advertising might not be as effective, expanding your brand's reach to new areas. They act as mobile advertisements, exposing your brand to potential customers in various locations and generating curiosity and interest. This mobility increases your chances of reaching a larger and more diverse audience, creating opportunities for business growth.


Vehicle signage provides a cost-effective branding solution compared to other forms of advertising. Once the initial investment is made for designing and applying the graphics on your vehicles, there are no recurring costs. Unlike recurring expenses associated with traditional advertising channels, such as monthly media placements or billboard rentals, vehicle signage offers long-term visibility without additional expenses. This makes vehicle signage an affordable and efficient way to promote your brand.

Vehicle signage allows for precise targeting of specific geographic areas. By strategically positioning your branded vehicles in locations where your target audience is likely to be, you can ensure maximum impact within your desired market. This localised approach helps you reach potential customers in specific neighbourhood’s, towns, or cities, increasing the relevance of your brand message and enhancing customer engagement.

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