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Smart Stickers

Discover the future of interactive marketing and seamless customer engagement with our state-of-the-art Smart NFC Stickers, revolutionizing how businesses connect with their audience by delivering personalized experiences, instant access to information, and effortless interactions through the power of near field communication technology.

Smart stickers, also known as NFC (Near Field Communication) stickers or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, are innovative devices that combine the physical world with digital technology. These adhesive-backed stickers are embedded with microchips and antennas that enable communication with compatible devices. 

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What are Smart Stickers?

Smart stickers utilise NFC technology, allowing them to interact with NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets, or other devices. 

Basically a sticker that can send your prospective / existing clients direct to any web link or call a phone number by tapping their phone on the sticker. No Apps, no Camera, EASY!

So whats the big deal? 

Imagine you operate a hair salon, a smart sticker could be used to direct to social media, like, share etc. Or perhaps they want to book their next appointment one tap and they are on your online booking system!

Sell on Amazon? want to drive traffic to your own ecomomerce pages and save on fees? Add a sticker to your packaging to bring your customer to a different sales chanel.

In the service industry? Want to work on client retension? Our Servie stickers enable your client to tap and call straight through to you. They don't need to remeber your name they are still calling!

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Fully Custom Smart Stickers

Alongside our range of designs we offer a complete bespoke Smart Sticker service. This is ideal if you already use stickers and want to incorporate Smart Technology into them.

We can create almost any style, shape or finish of sticker so if you can't find what you need call our team for 5* service on 01889 390690.

Our designed stickers have the option for you to add logos, change colours and add further content. These are great for a Custom Smart Sticker with a personal touch.


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Need a design?

If you need a design our in house designers can turn your ideas into a production ready design guaranteed to impress.

Call our creative team on 01889 390690 to discuss your ideas.

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