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WebOptic - Business Rebrand

Case Study

Internal halo LED Logo Sign

Internal LED Halo Effect Logo Sign - Above

Ben & his team at WebOptic specialise in creating bespoke websites for business. Infact the very website your viewing is the fruits of their labour. Ben contacted our team as they had recently aquired new premises and had new branding developed. He wanted to firmly put WebOptic's new branding in front of their prospective clients,

The Brief

Create a unique image of their branding that is modern, clean & can't be missed!

Signage Specification

  • Exterior 3D LED Logo Sign
  • Custom colour oversize Logo panels
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Interior Halo LED logo Sign

The team at WebOptic are thrilled with how the signage has turned out and have already seen an increase in local enquiries derived from the Signage.

External Logo 3D LED Sign

3D LED Sign

Night Image

3D LED Sign at night

Wayfinding Tray Sign

Wayfinding Sign


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