Van Wrapping Process

MetroRod Vehicle Graphics

Objective of Van Wrapping

  • Execute a chosen design for Advertising / Marketing
  • Provide a seamless transition from paint to print or vinyl
  • Manipulate a 2D material into a 3D state
  • Ensure long lasting finish

Most vehicle wraps fail due to a limited number of factors. The most common is due to the material contracting after being stretched. Once the material contracts water and contaminants penetrate between the material and the contact surface. (see picture). 

Other reasons for Wrap Fails include, Vehicle is not cleaned properly prior to installation. A material has been used for wrapping that is not suitable for the manipulation required (usually cheaper materials). Finally the installer has not followed the materials technical specification for installation. Different suppliers films require to be handled differently during the installation process.

Commercial Vehicle Wrapping may only include sections of the vehicle, known as a Part Wrap. Each installation method depends a lot on the design  to achieve the finished product. The design shown above was clearly an oversight!

Our Wrapping Process…

Phase 1 – Design

  • Design passed by client
  • Colour references for branding
  • Material specification
  • Production methods and plan

Phase 2 – Production

  • Design printed & laminated
  • Any over lay graphics produced
  • Colour checking
  • Quality check

Phase 3 – Vehicle Preparation

  • Vehicle Jet Washed
  • Obstructions removed (Wing mirrors, Trims, Badges etc)
  • Clean 2 – Glue and Tar removal
  • Clean 3 – Shampoo & Wax removal
  • Clean 4 – Surface Treatment
  • Clean 5 – Alcohol Wipe

Phase 4 – Pre-Installation Checks

  • Check scaling of graphics for fitting
  • Check vehicle body adhesion ability (Fail results in return to Phase 3)
  • Check for obstructions (Fail results in return to Phase 3)
  • Temperature of installation space check (+21 degrees centigrade)

The vehicle and materials are left for at least 6 hours to acclimatise to the installation area temperatures.

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Phase 5 – Installation

  • Wrap installation 
  • Triming & super heating
  • Quality control check
  • Installation of overlay graphics if required
  • Final check and cleaning